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Inspiring Kids is a unique set of books and programs to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of kids aged 5 to 12

Inspiring Kids also helps kids with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, and learning differences to: 

  • Understand and manage their big emotions.
  • Accept themselves for who they are.
  • Find their superpowers.
  • Be kind.
  • Be confident.
  • Be resilient.
  • Be awesome


The books and programs also start important conversations so you can find out what your child is thinking and feeling.

Jump in and let’s get started!

“It was such a huge relief to find you and your incredible work! - Sarah Hallet

"By opening up this dialogue he no longer has separation anxiety, his outbursts are less and he has tools to deal with his anger. It changed mine and my little dudes life. Thank you” - Melissa

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Inspiring Kids Home Edition

Inspiring Kids is the only program to teach unique kids like yours, that they are amazing the way they are and how to begin to navigate a complex world.

Inspiring Kids Schools Edition

The hottest new SEL program for Primary schools. Both teachers and students love it.

Inspiring Kids Allied Health Edition

A versatile kid friendly video based resource for Allied Health professionals to use in their practice. 

In person Inspiring Kids Classes

Find out when the next Inspiring Kids 13 Week program is run.

"It was an absolute pleasure to watch you in action at KPS, you DO inspire kids every day 💜 I am so excited to start using your program next year" - Kate Black, Education Assistant

Latest news

Blossomtree Psychology now using Inspiring Kids

Blossomtree Psychology has recently joined the Inspiring Kids family.

Blossomtree Psychology is an Infant, Child, Adolescent & Family Psychology Practice based in Ballarat Victoria. 

Chelle and her team will be using the Inspiring Kids Program in one on one sessions as well as running group sessions. 

Inspiring Kids is a unique program designed to increase engagement in one on one and group sessions. It uses kid friendly videos and activities to create new opportunities to start important conversations between child and therapist.

Find out more about Inspiring Kids for Allied Health Professionals. 


New trailer for How to be a Wonder Hunter has just dropped!

How do you get kids off their devices and interacting with the real world?

Get them to become a Wonder Hunter!

Josh Langley’s new book, How to be a Wonder Hunter, invites kids to put down their devices and go on exciting new adventures and find out how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Set out like a field guide, How to be a Wonder Hunter invites kids of all backgrounds and abilities to use their senses, imagination and natural curiosity to learn how to deeply interact with the world around them and the world inside them.

Preorder now 

PayPal now added to checkout for Inspiring Kids Home Program

Great news, PayPal is now available as one of the two payment options for purchasing the Inspiring Kids Home Program. 

You can use your credit card via Stripe or choose the pay by PayPal option at the checkout.   

“Inspiring Kids is the only program to teach unique kids like yours, that they are amazing the way they are and how to begin to navigate a complex world.”



NEW! Wonder Hunter Kids T-shirts now available

In anticipation of the release of How to Be a Wonder Hunter, the Official Kids Wonder Hunter T-shirt has been released! 
Available in all colours and sizes for kids aged 1 to 12. 
But the Josh Langley Black is going to be popular! 
Plus there’s also Wonder Hunter Notebooks and Wall Posters.