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“We love your books Josh!”
– The Book Cow Kingston
“Bella the ‘Ninja Princess’ loves your books & reads them on repeat”
– Michelle Holton
“I love your books”
– Melonie Hardingham Simon and Schuster
“I can’t WAIT to get this new book of yours on our shelves!! Everyone loves the illustrations – they are fun and quirky and ‘speak’ to the kids (and adults) and make your books fun while delivering important messages ❤ Never stop doing what you do, Josh”
Erica Tonkin Collins Booksellers Bunbury
“Your books are relatable on so many levels. My children have a difficult time drawing and I have said if Josh can illustrate his books with simple pictures, you can too! Your simple books are full of depth.”
–  Amanda Brennan
“It was such a huge relief to find you and your incredible work! I came home after a particularly hard school drop of with my daughter who is 9. I was in tears and desperate to find something to help her as she struggles with Dyslexia and high anxiety. Thankfully I stumbled across you and your wonderful work. It has been a beacon of light!!”
– Sarah, Mum of 2
“One of the best books I have read about feelings and it opened up some wonderful conversations between myself and my son”
– Jnr Bookworms

New Kids Book Out Now!

Exciting news! 
Josh’s latest kids book, Thank You: how to turn a grey day into a Yay day is out now.
It’s the perfect book to help kids use gratitude to help self-regulate their big thoughts and emotions. 
“This book beautifully bundles the practice and the power of gratitude; whilst gifting “love at first sight” illustrations, sprinkling colourful gratitude into the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike. Thank YOU, Josh Langley!”
Sonia Bestulic – Award Winning Author; Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology; Intuitive Life Coach & Speaker.
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Organisations using Josh's resources

"By opening up this dialogue he no longer has separation anxiety, his outbursts are less and he has tools to deal with his anger. It changed mine and my little dudes life. Thank you” - Melissa

For schools

School & Library Talks

Being You is Enough Book Series

Inspiring Kids @ School Student Wellbeing program

"It was an absolute pleasure to watch you in action at KPS, you DO inspire kids every day 💜 I am so excited to start using your program next year" - Kate Black, Primary School Teacher

For child health professionals

Parent Talks & Workshops

Josh’s brand-new workshop, It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do Parent Workshop, is designed to help parents better understand and support their children’s big emotions.
Available for childcare centres, playgroups, child wellbeing centres, parenting organisations and any organisation that help support parents and their young children.
To book a workshop, check Josh’s availability here.

Being You is Enough Book Series

The Being you is Enough series is the perfect resource to have in your clinic or centre. Great for opening up conversations about self-acceptance, big feelings, resilience, kindness and following their curiosity. Perfect for neurodivergent kids. 
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Inspiring Kids Allied Health Edition

Inspiring Kids is a unique program designed to increase engagement in one on one and group sessions. It uses kid friendly videos and activities to create new opportunities to start important conversations between child and therapist. Read more

6 Week Discovering Emotions and Confidence Program

Inspiring Kids Discovering Confidence Program is a simple way to introduce Primary school aged children to emotional understanding / regulation and provide simple strategies to help build self-acceptance and inner confidence.
Run as small groups session with 5 to 10 kids aged between 6 and 11.
Run in or near Bunbury. Contact Josh for more information

“Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter.” – Karen Young, children’s anxiety expert and founder of Hey Sigmund.


Teaching kids to be resilient – made easy

Teaching kids about feelings and emotions – made easy

Free Mini eBook

Want to know what 9 Super Skills will have the best effect on your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing? Then download my FREE mini ebook 9 Super Skills for Kid’s Better Mental Health and read what they are and how you can easily start teaching them to your kids in a fun way.
I can assure you at least one of these skills will be a gamechanger for your family.
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“The message you are giving kids through your wonderful books and programs is priceless. You are a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” -  Katie Mitchell (Education Assistant)

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