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LATEST NEWS:  It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do is out now!

“There is a little man in my life with some sensory issues and on the spectrum, this ‘blue book’ has become a constant source of inspiration for him, helping him to cope and manage every situation, when anxiety strikes at such a tender age, this very important ‘blue book’ has been able to facilitate an answer and solutions for him to deconstruct his emotions and move on with the rest of his day. You are empowering tender little people. So important.” – Julie

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“This ‘blue book’ has become a constant source of inspiration for him, helping him to cope and manage every situation”- Julie 
“ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Love the message and the simplicity and the solutions and the warmth and the wonderful illustrations and the bright colours” – June
“Thank you so much for writing this book, it opened the door for communication between my son and I but best outcome helped him feel ok” – Linda
“This is a truly wonderful book that opens up the dialogue with children about feelings and why its ok to Feel.” 
“One of the best books I have read about feelings and it opened up some wonderful conversations  between myself and my son” – Jnr Bookworms
It is an excellent resource for discussing emotions in a positive, helpful way with children aged five and up.” – Books and Publishing Australia – Meg Whelan”
“What’s special about Langley’s book is that it uses humour and fun to deliver a serious message; keeping kids entertained through fabulous illustrations, while also providing practical, actionable tips.” – Just Write For Kids.
“My daughter is very sensitive and is often overwhelmed by her feelings, leading to a lot of crying. I asked her what she thought of this book. She said, “I like how it talks about feelings and it is OK to feel like that.  It made me feel happy.”
I highly recommend this book for everyone–parents, children, schools, public libraries–anyone or anyplace that involves feelings!” – Sally Fawcett  – Kid’s Book Review. 


“As a Clinical Child Psychologist I see a lot of kids who struggle to identify and understand their emotions.  ‘It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do’ is an excellent resource to not only help children understand their emotions, but to know that those feelings are OK!”- Michelle Taylor BA(Hons) MPsych MAPS, Clinical Psychologist and Director, Blossomtree Psychology

“The bright, bold colours and cartoon-like illustrations will capture the young reader, the text that talks directly to them and the affirmation that feeling feelings is natural and OK will help to empower our young students and help them from feeling overwhelmed even confused.” –  Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services)

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