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When Liz Martin, director of Micah Inclusion a specialist autism therapy centre in Bunbury WA, invited me to run my 13 week Inspiring Kids program, I jumped at the chance, even though I’d never done it before.

She invited 7 kids (one not pictured) to be part of program and for one hour a week after school I take these awesome kids through each of the videos, activities and conversations that make up Inspiring Kids.

We’re only just over half way through, but what has come out of it has been incredible.

  • Kids who are normally reluctant to venture outside of home, are busting to come along.
  • One child even said they ‘loved coming’
  • One child made me a birthday card and the mum sent me a message said “What’s quite wonderful about him making you a card is his focus, executive functioning skills, independence and emotional connections!! So many goals smashed in one act of kindness from him”
  • A child who normally struggles with school and attention, keeps showing up which one therapy assistant said is a huge win.
  • AND doing this has inspired me to create a version of the 13 week Inspiring Kids program for Allied Health Professionals to use in their own clinical settings. So now even more kids get to benefit.

We’ll be running another program in Term 3 at Micah as there are already some parents and kids on the wait list.

I can’t thank Liz and the team at Micah enough for giving me this opportunity to really take Inspiring Kids to a whole new level.

If you’re interested in your child doing the 13 week Inspiring Kids LIVE classes on Zoom with me, then jump over to here. If there’s enough interest I’ll be starting it w/c April 26.

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