Celebrate Your Heart

Let the randomness of life fill your heart with joy, allow strange and bizarre things to just unfold and celebrate those heart filled moments where you’re moved by spontaneity and a sense of curiosity. 

Step out of your ‘head space’ and find the quiet warmth of your heart and you’ll notice it’s a much more enjoyable place to be. When you’re in that space, the fear lessens, the judgment quietens down and you’re more able to be who you want to be.

Here are three simple ways to celebrate your heart.
Use your imagination; it’s how we thrive in the world. Daydream, wonder, be curious, go exploring, go wandering. Don’t be afraid to get lost.
Be creative; express yourself in whatever way you know how. Take cooking classes, paint, draw, write, make a sand castle, dance like a free range chicken, read a poem to a tree.

Love: Fall in love with yourself. Don’t go looking for love ‘out there’, start right here in your own heart and become comfortable in your own skin and mind. Remember to do things that bring you joy and that you love doing.

Celebrating the heart is merely learning how to listen to it, trust it and follow it. It can take time, so be gentle on yourself and enjoy the journey.


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