How to unleash your creative beast

Creative release is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your sanity.
Even if you don’t think you’re ‘creative’ there are heaps of things you can do to express that inner Picasso of yours.  Just putting something different in the kids lunch boxes can give you that feeling of dabbling in some great experiment where you’re dying to see their reactions.
Even dancing like an idiot in the living room to Abba or even Justin Beiber (insert singer or band of choice here) is enough to release the creative energy and get your juices flowing.
Instead of just putting your kid’s drawings on the fridge, put yours up there too even if they look the same! Tell your inner art critic to go on a long holiday and just draw or paint like no-one’s going to judge it.
Everyone is creative in some way, it could be finding a unique solution to a problem of not enough space in the house, planting a veggie garden with the kids, throwing paint at a 6 x 4 canvas or cranking up Florence and the Machine while doing your own version of a Seafood Laksa.
If you’re feeling uninspired or don’t know how to get in touch with your creative side, go on a what author of The Artists Way, Julia Cameron, calls ‘An Artists Date’ where you set aside some serious ME time and go and visit an art gallery, see a movie, walk on the beach, go to a concert or whatever floats your boat, but make a commitment to do it. So give the mother in law a call and get her to baby sit, while you go on an artist date with yourself.
You are just as important as everyone else so allow yourself to express yourself in whatever way you can.  A life of just going through same routine is soul destroying and your inner creative beast will sit in the corner of your heart feeling unloved and unwanted.
So let him out and give him a cuddle.

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