Update from the campaign trail….life is never boring!

Getting a book published is an extraordinary experience and for first timers can be somewhat daunting. Even though I’d had the two Frog and the Wellbooks previously released, publishing Dying to Know – Is there life after death? has been a completely different experience. It’s a rollercoaster ride of joy, excitement, anxiety, nervous tension, disappointment, doubt, confidence and complete amazement.
It’s only been in the bookshops for a month, but feels like a lifetime! I’ve been doing heaps of radio interviews, working the blog and Facebook page, phone hook ups with Sharon, my wonderful publicist at Big Sky Publishing, getting reviews done, trying to climb the Amazon Rankings and exploring all other avenues of getting the book out there.

When suddenly you find your quirky little hobby, becoming public domain and people want to talk to you about it you realise that this shit is for real! For a shy introvert like myself I had to quickly become comfortable talking about my private obsession in a public forum, which brought on all sorts of unrealised anxiety! However strangely, in amidst off the stress, was a calmness that showed up at the most opportune times. I’d be stressing before going into a radio studio to do a live interview, but once the mike was switched on I became calm, relaxed and appeared to start channelling a wiser more confident version of myself. It was similar to an out of body experience!

I know that bigger and exciting challenges will come along as I go deeper into promoting the book and sharing my experiences. I feel I’ll find myself connecting with more like minded people from all over the globe, talking to people in the afterlife and spiritual field that I’ve admired for years, attending and giving talks at conferences and events, writing a follow up book and that this will end up being my full time job.

The journey is a long one and one even though it has its ups and downs, I wouldn’t swap it for anything. This is living; this is living my dream of doing what I really feel is right for me. It may not be comfortable and cosy, but it’s exciting and makes me feel alive!
Buy Dying to Know – Is there life after death.

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