Allowing ourselves to feel love.

Raising the feeling of love energy moves me into a space of being ‘allowed’ to feel it without fear of feeling guilty. It’s strange that when I move into this space there’s a certain part of me that feels guilty because ‘life should be hard and full of pain’, not joy and happiness and love and all that stuff. While everyone else is suffering how can I be feeling love?
That type of thinking is so old hat and continues to cause of suffering for years for everyone. What if people were taught to feel the love inside, without restraint and then to express it?

How wonderful it would be to nestle in love, joy and happiness and live from that space. Wouldn’t everyone benefit?

Be free from our anxiety, be free from our fears, be free from this idiotic obligation that suffering has to be the only way.
All we have to do is feel love on the inside. That’s it. Open our hearts.

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