Celebrating 4 years of Frog and the Well

As I write this, I notice that my desk is covered in cartoon ideas for the Frog and the Well Comic and the sketches and prints out of notes flow seamlessly into the evolving manuscript for the follow up to Dying to Know- is there life after death, which has a working title of Turning inside Out – what if everything we’ve been taught is wrong?

I’m truly blessed that I have found the perfect outlet for my quirky and mildly freaky view on life and my complete lack of understanding of it. The Frog is my inner kid allowed to run free and see the world through daisy like glasses free of the idiocy of the so called ‘grown up’ world. It’s the closest I get to expressing the real me. I’ve realised that I don’t know any of the answers to the meaning to life, but I’m on a journey to find out and Frog and the Well is an expression of some of the insights I find along the way.
Here’s to another 4 years of Frog and the Well

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