Questions to ask yourself on a mind-numbingly boring Tuesday afternoon.

It’s towards the end of the day, the ticking clock is slow and your brain isn’t working as well as it was at 8am and you just feel like curling up. However you can’t, you’re at your office desk and an opportunity arises to deeply explore the fundamental questions about your life that were until recently hidden under a pile of reports, emails, cheese and pickle sandwiches, Facebook scrolling and left over stories about the weekend from your fellow coworkers. 
Ask these questions, but don’t look for an answer, just let them roll around your head and then bounce off into the late afternoon sky to hopefully land in the lap of something that’s much wiser than all of us. Wait a while and hopefully they’ll send an answer back to you in your dreams tonight. (or maybe while having a double espresso on the way to work)  
What makes me happy?
What do I do that makes me feel happy?
What do I do or I think that stops me from being happy?
What makes me feel closer to myself, my true self?
Why do I sometimes feel so far away from myself? 
Is happy the wrong word to use? 
What if everything wasn’t actually meant to make me happy? 

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