Let the morning come to you.

In the mornings, I’m doing what I call ‘let the morning come to you’. It’s where (if weather permits) I avoid the normal distractions after I get out of bed, just simply pour a coffee and just sit in my backyard. Gently and silently I let the morning come to me, with the sounds various birds, the chickens wanting to be fed, the crickets chirping, the odd car or truck passing by and generally allowing my mind to relax into a calm place. I can daydream or just let all thoughts wander past.
it is such a joyous way to start the day, where I feel more connected to myself and to everything around me. I’m not listening to some bullshit on the radio or TV and letting idiocy and fear ruin my day and I’m not going straight to social media where I’m confronted with even more idiocy (I wait for later in the day for that).
Try it for yourself.

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