Brinjal Pickle Breakfast Toasty

I can’t stand the idea of boring western breakfasts, full of either cereals loaded with sugar or suburban bacon and eggs crap. I get excited about other cultures and flavours and here I’ve combined the idea of a ‘western breakfast’ toasty with the flavours and spice of India.

Obviously you don’t need me to tell you how to make a sandwich, you just need the list of amazing ingredients and you can do the rest.

Real Brinjal pickle should have the first ingredient listed as Eggplant, not sugar so get it from a real Indian store as opposed to a supermarket.

·        Two Slices of Wholegrain wholemeal bread.

·        Baby Spinach Leaves

·        Fresh coriander leaves.

·        Brinjal Pickle from a real Indian store. (Eggplant Pickle)

·        Slices of cheddar cheese.

·        Salt and pepper to taste.

Toast til golden and cheese has melted and enjoy.


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