Soft Taco Board

This is very much hands on street food you can have at home. Piss off your  premade ‘taco kits’, I’m sorry but food should never come in kit form and those crispy yellow taco shells are so 80’s.
The Soft Taco Board is perfect for round the dinner table with a glass of Red or in front of the TV watching a good doco or something. This doesn’t go well with idiotic shows on commercial TV as your brains will rot and you won’t appreciate the flavours.

What you need:


The fun part:

Dry fry the Chilli Tofu and warm up the Black Bean Chipotle Sauce in a small saucepan.  
Prepare all other ingredients and place on large wooden chopping board.
You can load up your tortilla and enjoy wrap style or fold burrito style.
By squeezing the lime over the top at the end, you get a sensational fresh burst of flavour that contrasts nicely with the rich chipotle sauce.

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