Grilled Tortellini and Mushroom Kebabs

When I first read about barbequing tortellini, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What a crazy concept and yet it seemed so right and natural. Imagine slightly charred and crispy pasta with a soft cheesy filling smothered in a tangy  and spicy tomato marinade and you’ve got yourself a date a taste bud sexplosion.

·        Cherry Tomatoes

·        Small Button Mushrooms

·        Red Onion. Quartered and then pulled apart.


·        2 tbps tomato paste

·        Splash of balsamic vinegar

·        Clove of garlic crushed

·        Chopped red chilli

·        Chopped fresh rosemary and thyme.

·        Splash of good Olive Oil

·        Salt and pepper to taste

 The fun part.

Soak bamboo skewers before you thread them so they don’t burn or simply use metal ones.  

Cook the Tortellini til al dente. Feel free to nibble on a few just to make sure they’re perfect.

Make the marinade by mixing it all together and keep tasting till you’re happy with it.  

Toss the Tortellini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red onion through the marinade and let rest for an hour or so. Then thread into the skewers in which ever order you like. (point of note, don’t go offering a piece of tortellini covered in the marinade to your loved one as your fingers look like you’re just being ripping the intestines out of a goat)  
Heat your BBQ hot plate to high and cook the kebabs til slightly charred remembering to drizzle some olive oil over them as you go.
Either serve with a salad or wrap in a pitta bread / tortilla and pull the skewer out and enjoy them that way.
Beer. Yes, beer is good for this one.



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