Street Markets

I love street food and when Andy Macleod and myself were in Perth on a Friday night we made sure we didn’t miss the Twilight Hawkers Market in Forest Chase.

Even thought it’s crowded as hell and I hate crowds, I’ll put up with them when there’s delicious food involved. However I won’t queue for food. Yes, fight my way through throngs of humans, but to stand in line, no fucken way.

We ended up enjoying some central American pancake thing stuffed with beans and cheese and or potato and cheese with a tangy chilli cabbage side condiment. Very tasty for $10. You can see them being made in the second picture.

In contrast I’ve just experienced a ‘buffet’ priced at $40 per person and it tasted worse than food hall stuff. in fact some food hall stirfries had been way more very delicious and tasty than the shit I had. I won’t mention names, but gee wiz, get your shit together Toby!

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