Thank God I’m not an expert

When I realised I didn’t have to be an expert, I almost cried. Well almost.
If I had cried, they would have been tears of relief and joy.

Thank God, I don’t have to be an expert.  

Suddenly a whole weight of pressure was lifted off my shoulders. I was free.

The last thing the world needs is another expert.

Instead we need explorers, adventurers, emotional daredevils, brave hearts of the soul. People that go out to the limits of their personal boundaries and report back on what they’ve discovered.

They share and enlighten.

They invite us to go on our own journey, to find out for ourselves.

They let us know that if they’ve done it, we can too.

 Experts just tell us what they think they know and we should accept it.
All over. Go back to watching TV.

 We don’t need another expert and I’m glad I don’t have to be one.

 I’ve been in advertising for 20 years and I’m no way an expert. I can help a client eliminate some of the risks of advertising but that is about it.

I can come up with kick arse campaign ideas, but I’m not an expert. Creativity is alien to experts.

 As a writer I write to explore my own self, my own weird, wonderful and often self-destructive inner self.

I write to understand.

I write to share

I write to show you that it’s perfectly safe for you to do it too.

Because if I feel something then you probably do too.

I’m not an expert. I don’t have the answers.

I’m an explorer.

But you are too.

And you can share your discoveries as well.  

Laurie Anderson sums it up well.  


2 thoughts on “Thank God I’m not an expert

  1. Corina says:

    I loved it.
    I'm a graphic designer….and sometimes when someone says something like that to me “you're the expert!”…I think to myself “no way, I just do my best to help you and achieve something nice, meaningful and appealing”
    Being the expert means in some way losing the ability to get surprised, to discover, to fail.


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