Are you comfortable?

My partner Andy and I were walking down a street in Fremantle recently and I was thinking about how uncomfortable I was feeling. I felt fat, sluggish and a little pissed off that I hadn’t slept well the night before.
I was whinging.
I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I wanted to run away back to somewhere where I felt more comfortable. But where? Back to the hotel room to drink more wine and eat outrageously expensive Pringles from the mini bar? I couldn’t do that, it was only 9am!
Then it hit me. Instead of wanting to run off to be ‘comfortable’ somewhere else, why don’t I just be comfortable where I am? All it takes is for me to shut the fuck up from telling myself how uncomfortable I was.
So I rested in that thought for a bit, felt the tension throughout my body especially my shoulders and then relaxed them. I brought my attention back to where I was and released the inner bitching.
Wherever I am, I have to be there. If I’m walking, I can’t be running off to somewhere else in my mind as I might get hit by a bus or I might miss some incredible piece of wisdom the universe is trying to send to me.
I have to surrender my mental desire to be somewhere apart from where I am. Sure you need to plan and be organised (to a certain degree) but if I can be comfortable where I am and learn to open up to the possibilities of what’s right in front of me, then life should be more interesting.
Be comfortable where you are. (Except if you’re about to eaten by a Lion or appear on some reality TV show, then run like the bloody wind.) But if there’s still something that doesn’t feel right even after dropping the self talk, then that’s a sign to move on or out. Then you’re listening to your inner self as opposed to your neurotic thoughts.
It’s something that I’m constantly learning to do and not always successful at, but I’m going to keep trying. It’s worth it for my own sanity.

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