How to overcome Facebook Posting Anxiety.

For fellow writers, artists, creative types, introverts and dreamers.
If you’re like me and you sweat about making a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc for hours, worried if people are going to engage with it or not, then there’s a way to make it easier.
Much of the stress stems from the perceived need to sell or promote ourselves and  increase the stats so that we get high audience engagement and all that kind of crap. However really is all that necessary?  Is that the only way?


Here are a few things I’ve discovered which go against what all the ‘experts’ say.
The Don’ts:
·         Don’t try and sell your books or products.
·         Don’t try and ‘engage’ with your audience.
·         Don’t think of people as an ‘audience’.
The Dos.
·         Think of a friend or someone you know who fits the type of person you want ‘talk to’ and just talk to them. When writing your post, imagine you’re sitting down next to them having a chat.
·         Always think that you’re having a conversation and not having to ‘sell’ anything.  
·          Be honest, be you, be natural.
·         Take the pressure off yourself.
·         Share your ideas, insights, dreams, observations and projects
The key is to take all the expectation out of making the post and ignore what all the ‘experts’ say you should be doing. Also try and ignore the silly Facebook stats that show up in red saying you’re a failure because no one has commented or liked your post and that you need to start paying to get more likes. It’s all bulls**t designed to make Facebook more money.
I know what it’s like to have fear cripple creativity and self expression, but now I’m starting to piss off the worry, speak my truth and trust the universe will look after the rest.

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