The Sunrise Experiment Day 2

The Sunrise Experiment Day 2:

An insight popped up during the session about potential. By not following my thoughts (which are usually negative, repetitious or outright boring) I allowed a space to open up and in that space was so much potential.  Potential for everything and anything.
The potential was so big and it was almost tangible.
I realised my habitual thinking was so limited and small. It was limited by my social conditioning, all my fears and anxieties, and the sum of my experiences until now. How was I to sense my full self based on such limited input?
By not believing and / or following those limiting thoughts, I allowed space for potentially new insights and ideas to arise, such as what I’m writing about now.  I wouldn’t have discovered that if I continually badgered myself for being too overweight, bad at typing, having a short attention span and being too self centred.  
Don’t believe the stuff you tell yourself, just find the space to be quiet and see what happens.
Follow the full journey here: The Sunrise Experiment

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