The importance of a hug.

Day 21.
My purpose
After my meltdown this week and the feeling that all I wanted was to be hugged and loved and know that everything is going to be OK, I came to realisation.
In fact it was reinforced by a comment from Victor Zammit, “Glad you’ve realised you are always hugged and loved Josh”.
That then caused me to instantly reply with the intention of helping other people realise that they are loved and hugged too.
Because I felt it so strongly, I know other people do too. Everything starts with me. If I feel something, then I know other’s do too.
We all quietly feel a deep longing to love and be loved and often with the plethora of distractions we’re bombarded with it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected and end up having a meltdown. In a world were logic and fear rules our lives, we close off to the things than connect us.
However when all it takes is a simple hug, we’re suddenly disarmed and connected again. Connected not through the head, but through the heart. Hugs don’t judge, hugs just love and make us feel like we’ve come home.
I now know that’s the underlying purpose driving what I do……   to try and make people know they loved and connected, whether that’s through a hug or reading my books or cartoons it doesn’t matter – they all come from the same place.

The above illustration comes my book, Follow Your Heart: everyday wisdom for an extraordinary life. I wrote as a reminder to myself of what’s really important in life.


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