The most important thing for a kid to know

There was a thing on Facebook years ago where a mother had posted that we mollycoddle kids too much and parents are too soft. She went onto say its OK to give a good smack every now and then and tough love was needed instead of this ‘new age’ parenting style. Of course her post went viral and it seemed that everyone agreed with her and only a sprinkling were brave enough to express a more compassionate view.
I’m not about to judge anyone’s parents skills, style or techniques and I’m certainly not in a position to tell you want you should do, however there’s one thing that all kids need and that’s for you to let them know that you love them.
Whether you’re into the tough love method, the new agey one or somewhere in between, still hug your kids often and tell them that they’re loved and needed and that they’re safe. That is so important to reduce the risk of your kids turning out broken and mangled. There are enough of us out there already and the world doesn’t need any more.
Tell your kids you love them and hug them.
Don’t withhold love just because you think it’s been too soft. Do what you have to do to discipline them but never forget to tell them they are loved.
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