Making peace with yourself

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a quiet chat with you. I know we’ve all been busy, trying to get on with our lives and making the most of what we’ve got. That’s all anyone could ever ask.

I need to constantly remind myself that life is not a competition regardless of what anyone says. I often feel the weight of trying to constantly ‘improve myself’, be a better person, increase my facebook stats, get more likes, look at everyone else as a potential threat and constantly push, push and push… (whatever it is I’m pushing).

I’ve come to understand that’s not how it has to be, we don’t have to fight against anything, especially ourselves.
How often have felt at war with yourself? Reprimanding yourself for something you did (or didn’t do) and you replay self destructive messages over and over in your head, messages you’d picked up from your parents, teachers, TV  or any other major influence in your life.
It seems the last thing society wants (and that includes you) is to be at peace with yourself.
Businesses will fail, the economy will collapse, the government will fall and anarchy will reign if even one person starts to find inner peace and love themselves for who they are.
‘You are enough’ is a message that resonates deep in our soul, yet our outward existence relies on us feeling inadequate.  Feeling inadequate keeps the wheels of society turning.
But I think that is an illusion.
Will the world stop turning because you finally made peace with your upbringing? Forgave all the people in your life who you felt did you wrong or simply stopped whinging about the price of canned tomatoes?
Life goes on regardless, we can choose to flow with it or fight against it and cause ourselves and others even more pain. The world can only be a better place when we stop fighting.
And when we find we’re in the flow, we can create things, not from fear, but from our real creative centre.
A place of love.
Remind yourself – You are enough.

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