Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival

Being part of the 2016 Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival was an extraordinary experience and left me buzzing for days after. It felt so natural being on stage being interviewed by the talented Margo Edwards where she asked me to share stories about Dying to Know and also my writing process and where I find inspiration. She referenced my blog post ‘Taming the muse’ which we unpacked a bit with the audience so hopefully they could walk away a little inspired.
Being a little reclusive it was also great to come out and meet so many amazing and talented authors, including Sulari Gentill, SaraFoster, Loretta Hill, Louise Park, Andrew Daddo and Natasha Lester.
My life is so different than it was last year and I’m grateful for every moment.  


I dropped into Margaret River Books to say Hi and the owner, Pauline, insisted on a photo!

Carol Seeley the lady behind the popular Reading Writing and Riesling Blog mentioned on her Facebook page:
“Ghosts in the House” Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival one of the best author discussions I have been to in the last 3 years. Thanks Josh Langley Author and Margot Edwards chair person for a session that entertained and informed.

Being You is Enough sold out of the first day of the festival, moving 25 copies! These two young ladies were lucky enough to get a signed copy.

Even fellow author Sara Foster was in the audience and posted my talk on Instagram.   


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