Getting personal

Turning Inside Out -what if everything we’ve been taught about life is wrong? is coming out on August 1 and one thing you’ll notice when you read it, is how personal it is. I actually didn’t realise how deep it went until I was going through the editors remarks and I thought Gee, this is really personal! I talk about an event from my teens that nearly made me take my own life and I discuss critical moments where I had to question my sanity. I also don’t hide any aspect of who I am and what my life is about including my addiction to cheese.

Turning Inside Outis my personal journey to find the truth about life and death and I have to tell the truth in order to look for it. I mentioned at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival that I want to be as authentic as possible, to cut the bullshit and pretence and just lay bare to the world and this book helps me do that. I can’t write about anything that is made up or isn’t what I feel is true. That’s just how I am. Even the fiction book I’m writing is based on my own experiences and stuff that resonates deeply.
So if, after reading TurningInside Out you feel you know me, it’s because you do!
And if you haven’t read the book that started it all, Dying to Know – if there life after death yet, then here’s a good chance to get a signed copy from me and you can read it before you get Turning Inside Out. Just send me an email to

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