Sensing Freedom

Just for a mere moment I got a slight sense of what it might to be like to truly free. Free from my irrational thoughts, anxieties, worries, fears and social conditioning.

It was fleeting.

But I sensed it and then it drifted away.

Wandered off to look at the flowers.

It was a sense of what it would be like to be free from the identity of my thoughts.

My limiting thoughts.

And within that freedom was the potential to be anything.

It was all about thoughts and feeling the same pattern of thoughts. If our input is the same, then our thoughts can only be based on that input. Change the input and we can explore new thinking, new ideas and new thoughts.
However can we be brave enough to do to that?
To risk losing our identity in our old conditioned pattern of thinking?
Who would I be if stopped talking myself down?
Who would I be if I believed I could live out my dreams?
Can I be brave?


Can you be brave?

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