Albany School Visit and Booking Signing

From sitting in a tiny office starting at a computer screen to talking to school kids about self esteem and attending book signings all in under 9 months just sums up the power of trust and letting and letting your passions lead you.
Now I found myself spending two days in the beautiful South Coastal town of Albany in WA.



The Friday was spent talking to the kids at Yakamia Primary School and showing them the Being You is Enough Presentation. Tanya Sandilands (the schools Librarian) was fantastic and took lots of group photos and made sure I was looked after. I’ve delivered the talk to over 16 schools and over 2,000 kids so far and I never cease to be amazed by the diversity and creativity of young people.   

On the Saturday morning I had a great interview with Donna Dabala  from the ABC Great Southern. One of the best I’ve had. She asked great questions and segued between Turning inside Out and Being You is Enough really well. I know I look a little startled in the photo, but I was momentarily confused!


Then it was book signing time at Dymocks Albany on York Street. I loved the way people were brave enough to come up and ask advice on writing and even how to start to get the thoughts out of their head. If I can just help one person, then my work is done.




Deborah, the owner of Dymocks Albany (who also used to be a teacher at the Yakamia Primary School) has amazing energy  and gave the event a fantastic vibe.




Til next time!

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