A boiling desire to create.


I’ve noticed of late I can’t slow down.
There’s a tremendous sense of urgency to get things done.
I can feel it, a simmering, no, a boiling desire to create and get something out there.
I know there should be down time between projects.
A time of rest and recuperation.
A time to allow the universe to weave its magic.
But fuck me, I can’t seem to stop!
I can’t even sit and watch cat videos on Facebook!
So I’m going to make peace with myself and finish the projects that I’m currently working on and then…..
I’m going to sit under a tree.
So instead of clawing for things to do between running my regular business of copywriting, I’m going to sit under a tree.
But first the projects need to be released.
Then the tree.
I’m going to take my own advice.
The tree awaits.

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