What fears are holding you back?


IMG_7818 (2)

Yeah we all have fears, and we hang them around our neck like we’re some gangster rapper. For me, I’ve got a fear of stepping on crustaceans and half empty swimming pools which I used tell anyone who would listen. However now I’ve come to realise I don’t need to keep brandishing those fears (and all the other ones which are much more subtle) around like a dodgy protest sign at anti Trump rally.

Fear of not being liked.

Fear of upsetting someone.

Fear of getting into trouble for doing something.

Fear of money.


In the cold light of day, fears are just thoughts that we keep repeating to ourselves. And we believe the thoughts. However we have the choice to see the thoughts for exactly what they are, just thoughts that are transient and don’t serve any purpose whatsoever.

How is a fear / thought of stepping on a crab going to help me in my writing career? It’s just pointless. Move on. Anyone can blatantly see how being a people pleaser (fear of not being liked) is going to stop you from speaking your honest truth, which has a massive knock on effect in how you deal with people, strive to achieve your dreams and goals and view life in general.

Our past is only a thought. It’s a mental activity of the mind. Question your thoughts of the past and the origin of your fears. You can then choose to keep blindly repeating them and staying at the same level of consciousness or you can decide to put down the placards and badly written protest signs and walk away. You don’t have to own them anymore. They don’t have to be your identity.

They are not your story. You can write a new one.

Til next time.


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