Life, Death and Feelings: Author Josh Langley tells all to the Bookbuzz family.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Nicky Albrecht from BookBuzz Family  In one of the most revealing interviews I’ve had to date, Nicky isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

“I can’t wait to share this month’s author talk.

This guy has followed a path all of his own towards success. And his story is enough to give a lift to the wings of would-be authors, or would-be anything for that matter.

Meet Josh Langley, author of books for children and adults that ask the question, and explore the answers to, seeking happiness and where life goes beyond death.

Welcome Josh. And thanks for joining the Bookbuzz Family today. I was super curious to read that you were not at all academic as a youngster. In fact you failed school twice. Yet you went straight into advertisement copywriting for radio. How or what made you fall into that, or seek it out?

Thanks for having me. I know it seems like a strange leap, but there was a gap before radio where I’d spent a few years being unemployed and worked various menial jobs to pay the rent. In my early 20’s I felt very lost and bewildered by life, then out of the blue I came across an ad in the newspaper for a radio course. It had been a secret desire of mine to work in the media industry and now this was my chance. Thankfully my wonderful Grandpop loaned me the money and only a week after the course finished I landed a job as breakfast announcer in a small regional town and that launched a 20 odd year career. 

I’m constantly encouraging people who may not have done well at school like me……Keep reading


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