Jnr Book Worms Book Review

It’s ok to feel the way you do otherwise you wouldn’t be you

By Josh Langley

Publisher Big Sky Publishing

Phillip Aged 5

5 stars

Phillip was enthralled with this and I was surprised as it was a lot to take in for a 5 year old. But he told me about breathing in when you feel mad and the mad feelings float away when you breath out, so you don’t feel mad anymore. To telling me its ok to cry everybody cries

Jnr Book worms Book review 5 stars

This is a truly wonderful book that opens up the dialogue with children about feelings and why its ok to Feel.

With direct, simple vocabulary, humour and gorgeous illustrations Josh Langley explains different feelings and reassures kids that its ok to feel them, giving examples on how to deal with them in a subtle reassuring way.

One of the best books I have read about feelings and it opened up some wonderful conversations  between myself and my son whilst reading. I recommend it to anyone especially kids who struggle to deal with their feelings it will be a permanent  addition to our reading library.

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