There’s a kind of magic

I’m sure you’re like me and don’t see the world the same way everyone else does.

I feel there’s a bit of magic hidden everywhere; tucked behind the cheese in the fridge, curled up in the dust under the bed and in the eyes of fellow co-workers 5 minutes before a boring work meeting ends.

I even reckon there’s an interdimensional portal behind the toilet and flowers secretly send love notes to each other when we’re not looking.

And yes, there are fairies at the bottom of the garden who just love to sit gently on our shoulder and listen to our tales of woe and make us feel better about things.

I'm talking to fairies watermark

I don’t always feel this way though. Sometimes the darkness can come down hard and you can’t even get a glimpse of a stray rainbow ethereally gliding past.

However when I try to see the magic in people, situations and life in general, life seems to make more sense. Everything seems easier, lighter and a little less serious. I guess a little like my drawings and books.

There’s a bit of magic everywhere. And I know you know that too.

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