The last 50 cents to my name

It was one of those stifling hot Perth summer mornings, where it was already 30 degrees by 8.30. I’d spent the last 50 cents to my name on a bus ticket to the city to lodge my fortnightly unemployment form. I then sweated my way around the shops asking if anyone had a job available and ended up at Royal Perth Hospital because I knew there was a drinking fountain where I could get a glass of water. Now without any money, I had to return home before the two hour time limit was up on my bus ticket.

I was living at my Dad’s house which didn’t have air conditioning or much food. I was 19, unemployed and at one of the lowest points in my life.

However, there was no intervention, no great miracle occurred, no-one rescued me, no great insight realised.

I just kept going. I pushed through.

I waited out for the dole payment to come though. I took walks to the nearby lake, I watched horrible day time TV and found old bits of cheese and pasta in the fridge to eat (I think that’s where my obsession with pasta started…. it’s a physiological link to survival)

The money eventually came through, I eventually found a job, I eventually moved out and I was eventually able to look after myself.

I kept going.

Even though I wished someone would swoop down and rescue me, I sort of knew that wasn’t going to happen and it was up to me to do something. I always had to do something to improve my situation and once I did, things would start to fall into place.

I’ve learnt that you have to do something. You have to move. You have to push through and keep going.

You may not have the foggiest clue as to where you are headed but taking one step in any direction is better than none.

When you take that step, then take the next and then the next and in the words of Copyblogger founder, Brian Clark – Keep going.

You never know what adventures you’ll have…


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