ABIA Small Publisher’s Children’s book of the year.

It was on a warm May night in Sydney when Andy and I attended the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAS) with my Publisher, Big Sky Publishing to find out if It’s Ok to Feel The Way You Do would win Small Publisher’s Children’s Book of the Year.

And it did.

Here’s the incredible moment in pictures.



At the podium doing my speech thing… nervous as hell!


They whisk you out the back to the red carpet for photos and interviews.


Me with my publisher and commissioning editor Diane Evans from Big Sky Publishing.


Me with my partner Andy Macleod.

I’m confident now that the win will give the book greater exposure and go on to affect more kid’s lives in a positive way.  I was lucky enough to meet the General Manager of Dymocks Australia and the founder and owner of Booktopia and explain to them why the book is so important, which puts it (along with Being You is Enough) in a good spot to get more shelf space and exposure.

I cannot thank Andy and Big Sky Publishing enough on supporting me with the book and the incredible win. It’s a wonderful achievement.

Read more about It’s OK to Feel The Way You Do

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