The glorification of amazing.

George and the tree

We all seem fixated on amazing and mind-blowing achievements.

Facebook is full of them.

The 69 year old Grandmother who shreds AC/DC on some talent show or the little boy who puts his disability behind him to single handedly scale the Empire State Building in a wheelchair holding a coconut in his mouth. (Ok I made that up, so don’t try and Google it)

We share these videos in a hope to inspire ourselves and others. However most of us will most probably never reach the same dizzying heights of amazingness and are relegated to simply keep on scrolling, scrolling and scrolling.

Life on dull repeat.

We live our lives vicariously through other people’s amazing achievements.

While I don’t want to negate these incredible feats, I feel there are other achievements that are far more important and far more relevant to our lives.

I want to acknowledge the tiny acts, the quiet breakthroughs, the everyday triumphs.

The woman who slowly emerges from years of depression with a knowing that everything just might be OK.

The shy and awkward kid who finally makes a friend at school.

The moment someone finally plants out the spring onions that had been sitting in a glass on the kitchen window sill for 2 weeks.

The day someone gets the courage to venture outside and walk around the block instead of sitting on the couch watching reality TV.

When the stressed-out business person joins a choir and finds their creative voice for the first time.

When the angst teen, overwhelmed by so many confusing thoughts, suddenly hugs his mother and asks for help.

The guy who, at the age of 50, decides to go to University for the first time and aces his assignments because he’s finally loving what he’s doing.

When someone says to a grieving widow, ‘I don’t know what to say or do, but I’m here’.

When the person who was told to ‘give up on art’ by their high school art teacher 30 years ago, decides to pick up a paintbrush and starts to play around.

These moments aren’t going to be a viral sensation on social media, they’ll hardly make a newsfeed. But they’re real, they brave, they’re self-empowering, they’re inspiring. They’re happening in real life right now. Your life. You are the one having the tiny acts of achievement, the quiet breakthroughs, the everyday triumphs.

You don’t need to shred AC/DC on a talent show or climb the Empire State Building with a coconut in your mouth to be amazing. You are the brave one who is overcoming your fears, procrastination and self-doubt on a daily basis.

Let’s celebrate that.

3 thoughts on “The glorification of amazing.

  1. daykat2014 says:

    That you yet again Josh, how wonderful to be reminded that sometimes getting up in the morning is an achievement and an act of bravery and commitment. We can get so hooked in to ‘achievement’
    and ‘success’ as defined by society that we can forget the many acts of bravery and heroism that happen every day. The extraordinary in the ordinary. Worthy of celebration!

    Liked by 1 person

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