This Photo is a Lie


I originally took this photo of a broken-down elevator to use as a metaphor for how we feel about life and ourselves, however seeing it was a little blurry, I went to reshoot it.
When I went back, there was a security dude standing next to it.

‘Can I take a photo of the sign?’
‘Just a quick one, it’s for an art project.’
He shook his head.
I stood there in mild disbelief.

He paused and, as to let me on a little secret, walked up to the sign and pressed the middle of it. A little white triangle lit up underneath, and the familiar ding of a lift sounded and the doors opened.

‘It works fine, there’s nothing wrong with it,’ he informed me. ‘We just don’t want the general public to know it works, so they don’t try and use it. Its only for us.’

I smiled.

I got a visual metaphor alright, an even better one than I originally thought.

We’re all told we’re broken, born full of sin, incomplete people and even ‘out of order’. We’re told we need fixing, we need to repent, we need saving, we need a new car, new night cream, a better job, a beach ready body, to be a better parent……

Society, education, religion, media, social media and advertising are all vying to keep us feeling inadequate and down on ourselves so they can shape us into what they want or so we can be sold something.

When in reality we’re actually fine.

We’re normal human beings encompassing the whole gamut of being human. We grieve, we feel sad, we get stressed, we have issues, we get angry, we scream at the sky in desperation for answers, we eat too much pasta and cheese and at times we can’t get out of bed. It’s part of being a person living on planet Earth.

You are already fine, you are already enough. You are not ‘out of order’.

So press that button, step in and ride that goddamn elevator to wherever the hell you want.

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