Find Your Own Lane

Back in 2001, this used to be called ‘Fuel Bar’. After only a year of messing around with abstract painting techniques, I held an exhibition there as part of the Art Rage Fringe Festival.

The festival was asking for submissions from new and experimental artists and I thought ‘stuff it’ and sent them some photos (the old fashion way) and hoped for the best. I had nothing to lose.

Shortly afterwards I was accepted.

It wasn’t about how talented you were or whether your art would be highly praised by scarf wearing art critics, it was about pushing the boundaries of yourself as well as what is called ‘art’. Being brave and stepping out to face the world.

In the Mojo book, I call it ‘stepping into the arena’.

Being part of the exhibition also helped me to realise that my voice was just as important as anyone else’s, no matter how different or weird it was. I had my own thing to say in my own way.

Now, when I feel the quiet pull to want to ‘be accepted’, I remember something my publisher Diane recently told me, “don’t try and run in someone else’s lane, find your own”.

And there you have it. ‘Find your own lane’.

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