It all started from a cheap typewriter

At the top of the stairs is unit No. 6, 600 William Street Perth. I was 25 and it’s the little one-bedroom apartment where I called home back in 1999

On a whim, I bought a typewriter at one those boxing day sales, one that had a screen so small it only showed one line at a time, but it allowed me to put down words that had been swimming around my head for years.

It sat on the table in the tiny back room and with a scotch by my side, I wrote short stories and came up with crazy hair brain schemes and ideas. I used sticky tape to plaster the pieces of paper to the wall, making a kind of flow chart of ideas. (It was a painted brick wall, so the sticky tape came off easily!)

I didn’t call myself a writer back then. I just had ideas and they wanted to come out. My little typewriter was the best way at the time. Tap, tap, tap, tap…

I guess you’re the same. You have ideas too and they have to come out somehow.

Find whatever way is calling you at this moment and let it happen.

As entrepreneur Jonathon Fields says, ‘Creativity builds up, if you don’t let it out, you’re gonna blow’.

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