Are you missing these 3 things in your job (and your life)?

I was invited to be guest on a friend’s podcast ‘Reasons Not to Die’ and we were talking about having the courage to follow your own path and how that relates to finding your creative mojo.

I attempted (quite badly as I forgot the last point Doh!) to quote something I heard social analyst Daniel Pink say in a TED talk on productivity. He was describing 3 important factors that help anyone thrive at work or have the courage to go out on their own.

Autonomy – The sense that you have a guiding hand in your own destiny. (You’re not being micromanaged to an inch of your life!)

Mastery – You’re continually learning. You’re mastering your craft or learning something new. Always growing.

Purpose – You feel you’re making a positive difference in some way.

Combine those these elements with a good dose of curiosity and you’ve got a recipe for a fulfilling life.

Image result for happy gif

Understanding those points has given me a better understanding of why I felt trapped in my old office job. I didn’t have any of them and I was left feeling anxious, stressed and powerless.

Three years later, I’m the master of my own destiny (along with the universe), I’m continually learning new skills in different areas and I definitely have a sense that I’m making a difference to the world.

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