How to turn failure into art

Performance Artist Lauren Brincat had intended to film herself letting go of the 10 metre high board as part of a performance art piece …….however things didn’t go to plan.

She couldn’t do it and backed out.

Was she a failure?

Or was the change of heart what made it a different work of art?

The powerful combination of the video and the story behind it, creates a new work that the artist initially never intended on telling.

But it’s a story that we can take something away from. Just because your initial idea doesn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean you’ve failed. By the mere fact as the viewer, we’re watching her installation piece in a Gallery (Bunbury Regional Art Galleriesand that it won an art prize) it’s achieved a purpose that’s gone way beyond her intention and possibly had a bigger impact on the viewer.

Life often never turns out the way we had planned, things go pear shaped, and things stuff up. But that’s Ok, we can then turn whatever happens into some form of art. A new expression.

What can I learn from this?

How can I look differently at it?

What secret knowledge is buried in the rubble of catastrophe?

Be the artist of your life.

Installation at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

Stay open.

Be curious.

Don’t take things so personally.

Make art and love while you can – life is short.

If you’re too scared to fall off a 10 metre high board, then make a video of you being scared and call it ‘art’.

It’s your life, you can make of it what you will.

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