Cover reveal for new kid’s book on resilience

Ever wondered what a book on resilience looks like, when it’s written by someone who has no background in education, no psychology degree, or by someone who doesn’t even have kids? Well Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic FailuresFinding the good when things go bad is a refreshingly different book on resilience that I hope will inspire kids to find the courage to go bravely into world.

Feedback on social media for the cover and book concept has been amazing. 

“Omg omg I love this. Another for my resource collection”
“The giraffe is just adorable!”
“Love it. Pre order copy when available please”
“LOVE the cover! And I’m sure the content will be just as wonderful!”
“Awesome cover. Love the title”
“Love it Josh, what a fun cover. Still think the title is excellent too
“Love the cover Josh. Looks like a great addition to the series.”

Back and front cover:

With resilience being the number one topic for parents and educators at the moment, I wanted to tackle the subject in my own unique way, give it the ‘Josh Langley’ treatment. Because I don’t have an educational background, I’m not a psychologist or an expert in the field, I can come at resilience from a very simple angle and use my own personal, lived experience as inspiration. I was pretty good at making mistakes, getting into trouble and failing at a few things! 

Book Blurb:

In his new book, award winning children’s author Josh Langley, gives kids the tools to find their own inner resilience. By turning conventional thinking on its head; he shows that mistakes and failures can be opportunities for learning and growth. Good friends, positive self-talk, curiosity and wonder become a perfect mix to give children a confident perspective on life. Josh also helps kids’ identify and focus on what they like doing and what they’re good at, giving them the foundations to step bravely into the world and to try new things. Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic FailuresFinding the good when things go bad is the book about resilience we all wish we had a kid.

Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic FailuresFinding the good when things go bad will be in all good bookshops around Australia by March 2020 and published through Big Sky Publishing.

Early review copies will be available. To be notified email

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