Schools, Prisons, Podcasts, Interviews, Guest judging, Guest Speaker and Wildflowers… It’s all part of a #writerslife

Life has a way of sneaking up on you.

I’d always wanted my #writerslife to be full and overflowing with opportunities to meet new people, to visit new places, share my books and talk to kids and adults about what matters in life. And make money while doing it.

So while I was busy over the last few months, meeting new people, visiting new places, sharing my books and talking to kids and adults about what matters in life, (and being paid for it) I realised I was already in the thick of living this extraordinary life I’d wanted.

From speaking to inmates at Bunbury Regional Prison about writing and publishing, to guest judging for the SoapBox public speaking competition for primary school kids.

From touring 17 odd schools for Book Week to guest speaker at Rockingham Writers Convention, to running two workshops in Margaret River and a Happy Kids workshop in Bunbury with Joelene Lavrick.

To being on several podcasts and interviewed by some amazing people to having my books showcased at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

And getting to meet some of the most amazing people. From the aboriginal prisoner who wants to write a children’s book to give to his own kids, to the inspiring young author Imani who off her own back, interviewed dozens of WA authors for her Booktober event.

Real Life isn’t like TV

The life I wanted had turned into the life I was living in a very undramatic way. No fanfare, no golden buzzer moments, no explosions of gold sparkly bits and no cheering crowds.

Just the quiet unassuming transition from possibility to reality. That’s why some people miss it.

So what’s the secret to making the life you want happen? This works for me.

  • Hold your dream gently in your hand.
  • Do something to move towards it.
  • Make stuff, write stuff, post stuff, learn stuff.
  • Be prepared to go out of your way.
  • Be open to all possibilities.
  • Keeping doing stuff.
  • Be curious about where it might lead.

Nothing happens if you only sit on the couch dreaming.

This is my #writerslife in action.

And the most important aspect to this is #writerslife is that I’m constantly amazed and grateful for every minute of it.

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