One Image that Defined the Most Transformative Decade of My Life

Of all the images that have documented my journey from messing around drawing stick figure cartoons in 2010 to becoming an award wining children’s author and publishing 8 books, there is one that stops me in my tracks. It’s an image that completely defines what I’ve achieved in last 10 years.

And I’m not even in it!

In true fashion, when you let go of expectation and follow your curiosity, you’ll find yourself in so many different places, doing things you’d never dreamed of.

However, what all the books and Facebook memes about following your passion don’t mention, is the impact you can have on people along the way. The achievements, awards, adulation and praise are all wonderful, but it’s something else that gives me a lump in my throat.

The Image

This is the image that best sums up the last 10 years for me. Below is the screenshot from a comment left by a mum who wanted to tell me about how my second kids’ book, It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do had changed her son’s life.

Messages like that, are my motivation to keep creating more books, to keep stepping on stage to talk and to keep putting on a cape to make the kids laugh. To just have a book published isn’t enough for me, I want to know my books and what I do, actually helps in some way, whether big or small.

Some other images that help summarise the last 10 years.

Thank you to Diane, Sharon, Denny, Jodee and Allison at Big Sky Publishing, to Nicky Delany at WA Books, the people at my favourite bookshops who have championed me and my work, to my husband Andy who’s been beside me the entire journey and lastly to you. Thank you for reading my books, reading my posts and following my journey.

Let’s see where the next ten years leads!

2 thoughts on “One Image that Defined the Most Transformative Decade of My Life

  1. Maureen Helen says:

    What an amazing achievement, Josh. And what a wonderful feeling to hear how your book has made so much difference for a child and his family. I hope 2020 brings with it peace, joy and productivity.

    Liked by 1 person

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