Book Review – Fauna by Donna Mazza

 I was asked by Allen and Unwin to write a short review of fellow author Donna Mazza Writer‘s new book, Fauna, but gee wizz, I was not prepared for such a powerful and challenging read.

Fauna is a story that aches with the primal instincts of motherhood and pulses with psychological trauma.

From when you first find out that the main character, Stacy, is pregnant with the world’s first genetically edited baby using ancient DNA, you are drawn in like watching a slow-moving car crash.

What will the baby look like? How will she care for it? How will her family cope?

You’re then a passenger in Stacy’s slowly crumpling mind as she pioneers her way through bringing up the child. This is uncharted territory for everyone, even the IVF research company behind it all. No-one knows what will happen, let alone you, the reader.

Donna Mazza builds tension in Fauna like distant thunder, and even though there’s a simmering angst throughout, there is also a life vest of hope that keeps you going.

As a children’s author with a keen interest in children’s mental health and emotional well being, this is a fascinating look into motherhood and the bonds that tie mother and child together.

Fauna is out today.…/Fauna-Donna-Mazza-978176087…

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