The long wait is almost over

After nearly 2 years I finally got to hold my latest baby, Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures: Finding the good when things seem bad. While this is the advance reader copy (ARC) which normally goes out for reviews, my publisher sent me this copy so I could shed a little tear of joy.

When it comes out in March, I hope the book improves the lives of millions of kids around the world.  Kids who for whatever reason may lack self-confidence, have anxiety, depression or are at a low point. Mind you every kid (and adult) can get something from this book. It’s a universal message, a human message. A message of resilience.

I read these stats while doing research for Magnificent Mistakes and they really frightened me: “One in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year and suicide remains the leading cause of death of children between 5 and 17 years” – Source: Beyond Blue

And I’ve been completely humbled by the early reviews such as this one:

“In a world where kids are constantly pushed to achieve and succeed, where school is largely (sadly) focused on testing, comparing and ranking, all kids need to know that mistakes are how we grow! Failure is a healthy part of the process of learning. Josh Langley sums these key messages up in his cheekily illustrated new children’s book “Magnificent Mistakes & Fantastic Failures”. Most profoundly, the phrase “YOU are important to the world” highlights that we all have self-doubt and challenges at times, but YOU matter a lot.”Amy Cox Founder Protecting Childhood.

I’ll be touring the book through the South West and Perth during March, April and May incluing the Reading Between the Lines Literature Festival in Busselton. I’ll let you know dates shortly.

I’ll also be available for primary school visits and incursions.


You can pre-order Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures at Big Sky Publishing and Booktopia.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me and in my next newsletter I’ll announce when it’s in bookshops.

BTW here’s the winning entry from the Colour in Graeme the Giraffe comp!

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