Trying to find stable ground when everything is collapsing

I thought we’d reached peak overwhelm during the bushfire disasters in January, but now that seems a distant memory compared to what’s going on now.

I don’t need to compile a detailed list of all that’s currently happening – you know it, you’re living it. It’s in the aisles of the supermarkets, it’s in the empty stadiums, the cancelled concerts and the rolling coverage on the news and social media.

Since last December, it feels like it’s been one shit show after another.

We haven’t even had time to emotionally recover from the fires and floods and then we’re suddenly facing months of uncertainty about how the coronavirus will play out. We’re then locked up, shut out, distanced from each other and told we can’t even give a reassuring hug.

Some might lose their incomes, some their jobs and some their lives.

I wish I could offer some wise words of comfort to help soothe the inner angst that everyone is feeling, but I can’t. I’m feeling it just as much as you are.   

Events I’ve got lined up could be cancelled, meaning loss of income and my other income streams are on shaky ground too. I don’t have an employer or government assistance to help me out either.

But I’m just like lots of other people out there so I’m far from alone. So many people are directly affected in so many ways.  

And there’s no escaping the reality of it.

While we may not be able to rely on our politicians for strength and guidance, we can rely on each other.

We’re in this together.

Let’s help steady each other’s ship. Let’s be the comfort we all need.

Be kind, be gentle, be understanding.

Find the good when things seem so bad.

See opportunities, to show our better selves.

Look for other little opportunities that may arise.

Finish that book you’ve been putting off, plant a veggie garden, spring clean the house, make art, start a new creative pursuit, start reading the pile of books beside your bed, talk to your family about your hopes and dreams, ring a friend and tell them what they mean to you – focus on what’s really important.

We can’t change how all this plays out, but we can change how we face it.

4 thoughts on “Trying to find stable ground when everything is collapsing

  1. soniabellhouse says:

    ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs’ I think we all feel a little uncertain, and adrift, the range of information and misinformation is staggering. We all need to think things through and protect those we love and others by applying common sense to all announcements. If it is enforced isolation the maybe this will allow us a chance to reconnect with our authentic selves and decide what is personally important and what isn’t. Income loss is hard though, when husband and I were both made redundant at the same time by different companies we found it tested our relationship but made it stronger

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