Josh Langley’s YouTube Channel for kids

I launched My YouTube channel for kids yesterday and it’s already gone nuts, growing from 12 subscribers to 88 overnight!

These are not your normal ‘Author Reads from a Book’ videos, I add my own commentary, insights and bad acting to as I go along! And I get to share my key messages of self acceptance, self compassion, resilience and emotional well being, in a way that kids and parents will love.

The Channel is a perfect way for me to bring my books to life and for kids right around the world to get a taste of what I’m like when I do my school presentations.

Watch and subscribe here

“Josh this is so fantastic! I just love what you’ve done. Thank you for putting this into the world. It’s exactly what kids need right now.”- Karen Young founder of Hey Sigmund – Where the Science of Psychology Meets the Art of Being Human


Now that most kids are at home, you can use the the videos as part of your homeschooling regime or simply watch them together and see what conversations they bring up. Or the kids can binge them all in one go!

Perfect for ages 4 to 12.

There are 5 playlists. 4 for kids and 1 for Parents.

Click subscribe so you’ll be alerted to when I upload new videos.

If you or your kids want to ask me any questions, then email me at

“Just used your YouTube video about angry feelings to defuse my 6yo who struggles to express himself in the same space as his exuberant 8yo sister. He was unimpressed but it had the desired effect 😍” – Mum from WA

You can get the books that I’m reading from here:

If you’re in Australia and want exclusive signed copies – email me direct at

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