Big News! My books are on Story Box Library!

I’ve been wanting to share this awesome news for a while and now I can!

In a fantastic acknowledgement of the growing importance of children’s emotional and mental health, The ABIA awarding winning It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do is now part of popular children’s educational website Story Box Library.

“Story Box Library is a subscription based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand, storytellers.”

I was very happy to see that Story Box Library enlisted Victorian Minister for Mental Health, Equality, and Creative Industries, Martin Foley MP. to read the book.

Watch Martin Foley discuss the importance of talking about mental and emotional health with kids. He recorded it just before he read from It’s Ok to Feel The Way You Do.

Watch the teaser reading of It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do

SUBSCRIBE to Story Box Library to watch the full video of It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do.


There’s more good news. Martin also read Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures at the same session. The new video and reading will be released late 2020 or early 2021.

I feel there’s a groundswell of interest in taking children’s mental and emotional wellbeing more seriously and it’s not just from teachers and mental health experts. It’s now from politicians, different education sectors, the children’s literature community and more so parents themselves. I feel very confident for the future.

Big thanks to Allison Patterson at Big Sky Publishing for helping to make it happen and also to the team at Story Box Library for believing in my books.

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