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There are moments that stay with you, and this is one of them.

We were at the drawing part of my Being You is Enough presentation, and I was wandering around looking at the kids’ amazing inventions and asking questions.

One little girl shyly dipped her head and looked down at her drawing when I came by, refusing to say anything or even look at me. I’d seen this level of shyness before, so I knew not to push it, just allow her space.

She didn’t look up or say a word, instead withdrawing into herself even more. Her sister, sitting next to her, was more than happy to chat about her own invention.

When it was time for the kids to show off what they had come up with, there were only a few left to share their ideas, when I saw the shy little girl come up holding her picture in one hand and the hand of her sister in the other.

Gripping her sister’s hand, she explained her invention and all we clapped because it was such a great idea (for the life I can’t remember what it was though!)

Still holding her sister’s hand, they turned, walked back and sat down.

I thought how sweet it was.

At the end of the session while packing up, the manager of the centre came up and said that moment was really special because the little girl had never spoken in front of a group before. Never. This was her first time she had the courage to do so. And her parents were there to see it.

That’s why I love what I do. I get to witness moments like that.

I hope my Inspiring Kids Social Emotional Learning Program for Primary Schools creates moments like that too.

*(photos are from Book Week 2019 and not from this event)

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