ABC Radio Perth – Barry Nichols Early Morning show

Inspired by book, Find Your Creative Mojo,  each fortnight I chat with Barry Nichols on ABC Radio Perth about everything to do with creativity,

8/4/2019 “Stop the glorification of ‘busy”

Why being ‘busy’ doesn’t produce good work or outcomes.

Do you feel you have to ‘look’ busy just because everyone else is?

I actually have a cup that says “Be less busy, No-one cares anyway as they’re too busy trying to look busy so others think they’re busy which is just plain stupid.. stop it”. You can get your own MUG here

Importance of rest and daydreaming.

I’ll be running a workshop on the creative process with Writer and Poet, Andy Macleod, at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival on Friday May 3. More information and Tix from here:

Find Your Creative Mojo is available from all good bookstores including Boffins, Dymocks (check your local store), Angus and Robertson, Booktopia and Book Depository.


I chatted to Barry about the difference between creativity and self expression.


I discuss a few ways to find your creative mojo in the book, but here’s one I shared with Barry.

  • Write down all the things you would like to do but for whatever reason you don’t.
  • Think about what it would be like to do them. Don’t edit yourself… just daydream away.
  • Feel what it’s like and notice it. That’s all you have to do.
  • It’s always a great idea to go out and get some inspiration. Visit art galleries, walk about the block, watch random people from your favourite cafe, visit places you’ve never been….

Photography Comps and workshops

About the Portrait Inspiration Weekend Workshop: If you love portrait photography and are looking for something to inspire and energise your vision, then you cannot afford to miss this weekend. Come and join seven of Perth’s most creative and inspiring portrait photographers for an unforgettable weekend devoted to the variety and diversity in the genre. The “Portrait Inspiration Weekend” is designed to educate, motivate and inspire!

Whether you’re a beginner or a serious photographer, there will be many tips, techniques and lessons to be picked up: from creative lighting to conceptualising a portrait shoot, from storytelling to editing — this weekend will be packed with information, advice and inspiration! Book here: Portrait Inspiration Weekend Workshop at Bunker Gallery

One of the amazing presenters is Jennifer Smith, who takes dreamy and soulful portraits of kids. See more of her incredible work at Cucumber Walrus

Art Things.

Find Your Creative Mojo is available from all good bookstores including Boffins, Dymocks (check your local store), Angus and Robertson, Booktopia and Book Depository.


Barry and I discuss self doubt and a couple of ways to overcome it or more like make friends with it.

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In this weeks episode Barry and I discuss Page 111 from Find your Creative Mojo “You can be happy and be creative”.

  • Busting the tortured artist syndrome – the belief that you can only create significant art when in dark and sad places.
  • Tap into all aspects of your emotions to create
  • Honour all of our humanness.
  • People connect with emotion and the story behind what you create, no matter what the subject is.
  • For example – I can’t draw or illustrate when I’m feeling sad, but I can write something insightful.