About Josh Langley


I am lucky enough to get paid to daydream, to stare off into space and come up with ideas. That’s pretty cool. Whether it’s coming up with client advertising campaigns, writing books, writing articles or drawing Frog and the Well cartoons, most of it involves daydreaming which means I can claim lounge suites and comfy chairs as a tax deduction.  Having said that it’s not all beer and skittles, there has to be a practical side of which most of that is enjoyable too, like: marketing and publicity, seeing the accountant, drinking and eating and editing and proof reading (which I’m completely hopeless  at). 

 Advertising Copywriter          
  I’ve been a radio advertising copywriter for nearly 20 years and now run a department at a radio station focussed on developing new and exciting advertising strategies. My boss just accepts the fact that staring off into space is a legitimate part of my role!     
Writer and Cartoonist          
    In 2010 I started writing Dying to Know – Is there life after death as a way of manifesting my obsession with finding out if the afterlife is real or not and it became all encompassing for 4 years. However after I undertook the Past Life Regression as part of the book, life changed very dramatically as I soon found myself creating Frog and The Well quirky folk art, spiritual style cartoons which ended up with a multi book deal with Australian publishing house Big Sky Publishing who also ended up publishing the final version of Dying to Know.
I’ve been extremely lucky to being able to follow my passion (even thought it maybe a morbid one) and see my work in print for everyone to enjoy and learn from.
My Philosophy
I have a simply philosophy: keep it simple and keep it kind.
From everything to do with food, art, writing, holidays, even work, I try and keep it whatever it is simple and uncomplicated and make sure that there’s a kindness to it. That could be having a vegetarian diet, making sure that what I write is uplifting and insightful and that I don’t get caught up in ugly political commentary (I often fail at that one) and things like that.
I make no apologies for wanting to protect, nurture and celebrate the environment, for feeling that we should be kind to all people no matter what they’ve done or who they are, that love is the most important thing in the universe and that flowers love being acknowledged. We are here to grow, learn, be wise and rise above our old conditioned selves so we can be of value to everyone.