Art and Creativity

Creativity and art are not the sole domain of drunk and depressed writers in black skivvies smoking in some bohemian cafe or a paint splattered artist wielding a brush like a weapon on an oversized canvas in a bombed out studio.

Nor is it exclusive to the literary types and their literary journals or the gallery spaces tucked down tiny alleyways where no one can find them unless you’re part of the inner circle of art folk. Sure they all have their place but for people like you and me, who may not be considered ‘arty’, we have something to say too and we must be brave enough to say it.

I’m now back into painting as way of grounding myself and getting out of my head. It’s a freeform creative expression that involves fingerpainting and / or using different textures and elements.


This extract is from my artist bio back from 2001:

“I enjoy the space in which I work. It’s not a physical space, more mental. A space, that’s a void. Empty, so that anything can happen. I go into a work with only a basic idea of what I want to happen and the rest is up to the gods. All our lives we try and fit into everyone else’s idea of reality, however I’m just discovering how to project my own and then walk into it and wear it like a warm coat.”

As with all things, these painting are impermanent. Only one or two still survive.