Being You is Enough and other important stuff

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Being You is Enough is the first groundbreaking kids book from Josh Langley to help kids with confidence and self esteem. This entertaining and refreshing book will inspire kids be themselves and stand up tall. The bright and fun book uses simple messages and quirky illustrations to encourage kids to celebrate themselves for who they are. Kids will love the easy, upbeat style delivering deeper messages about self-acceptance, positive thinking and friendship that every child needs to feel strong, happy and confident.

Gently humorous but with a lovely message of self-acceptance, Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff is suitable for primary aged children.

Praise for Being You is Enough

I have an eight year old daughter, who is socially a bit awkward and a reluctant reader.  She gobbled up Being You is Enough, took it to school to share with her class, cuddled it in bed, and read it multiple times

– Sally

“Being You is Enough is one of the best books I have ever seen on self esteem subjects for the kids”

– Sylvia

“Such a fantastic book. Full of encouragement and acceptance. It certainly does touch the heart. Thank you for writing such a fabulous book it is so important for our youngsters to hear this important message of truth”

– Linda

“Josh Langley has created a very important book. It is simple, colourful and humorous, but most importantly it touches the heart. Being you is Enough shares the messages that it’s OK to be different, no-one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes–being you is enough!

The clear words of wisdom are presented with minimal text, spread out over 117 pages. This format makes for easy reading, ensuring the important messages are easily accessible.

Josh has a very child-like illustration style that is just perfect to convey emotional feelings and meaningful messages. I like that children can easily illustrate in a similar style to Josh. It would be wonderful to create ‘extra pages’ with children. They could write their own little gems of wisdom and draw emotive cartoons to illustrate their own messages.

This is a wonderful book to have in a classroom for children to share with each other. It opens up conversations about important issues that children face everyday. It encourages children to dream big, love themselves and care for others. It teaches children that they are powerful and can change their perspective. It shows children that imperfect is OK–being you is enough!

The simple things in life are often the best. This book is simple and fabulous! I love it and will keep it in my classroom bookcase, to encourage and support the young minds that browse through it”

– Kid’s Book Review

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Product details

Format Paperback | 114 pages

Publication date March 2016


Big Sky Publishing

ISBN10 1925275825

ISBN13 9781925275827